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About Sri Tea


Our tea is sourced directly from a 150 year old tea estate in the southern province of Sri Lanka. Quality controls and checks are in place to ensure that the tea which reaches us is fresh and of the highest grade. Fair prices are established for the tea to ensure sustainability of the sourcing.
We believe in using loose leaf tea for our products as this preserves the flavour and allows the leaves to fully unfold to produce the best taste. Our tea blends are painstakingly sampled and blended to create an aromatic end-product bursting with flavour.
All of our teas are high quality organic teas, and guaranteed herbicide and pesticide free.

The Island of Sri Lanka, source of our quality tea

We get our tea from our estate in the tropical island of Sri Lanka, a 100 Acre plantation located in the southern province which has been in the owner’s family for over 150 years. The tea is not mass produced, but rather grown on a small scale which enables the planters to maintain control over the high quality of the leaves. Each tea leaf is painstakingly selected, and is free from pesticides and insecticides. Great care is also taking over the processing of the tea. The best possible working conditions are strived for, with a view to protecting and supporting the local community. The estate also houses a working museum.


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