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Desire a wonderfully curvy figure like Lindsey Lohan? Sri Tea Cinnamon tea could help you!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted dressed so elegantly in a beautifully sexy yet classy evening dress at one of Italy’s famous Film & Music festivals on Monday. The 28 year old star adorned a glittery metallic fringe dress and was spotted leaving the gala dinner of the music festival in Italy. The star is claimed to have said that she is expanding her acting career by taking a go at live theatre in a play called “Speed the Plow”.

The dress complimented her beautiful slender figure and brought out her curves. The red head teamed this dress with a classy white handbag and a pair of shiny heels to complete her look.


Sri Tea’s special Cinnamon Tea

Drinking Sri Tea’s cinnamon tea will help you stay healthy and keep fit. It is by far the most exotic way to stay healthy. Cinnamon naturally contains many medicinal herbs that helps control cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels. It also has anti-oxidant properties, speeding up metabolic rates for more effective fat burning. Sri Lanka is famous for its high quality cinnamon and which is derived from the center bark of the cinnamon tree and already contributes to about four fifths to the world’s cinnamon output.



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