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Could Kelly Osborn have used Green Tea from Sri Tea to lose weight?


Kelly Osbourne puts herself in ‘food rehab’ after recent Break up! – Do you think our special Green Tea could have helped her lose some extra pounds?

The famous UK TV presenter – Kelly Osbourne is said to have put herself in “food rehab” after her recent break up with ex fiancé Matthew Mosshart four months ago.
She seems to have hired a personal trainer and has even signed up for a yoga & pilates class to help her lose the weight she has gained since of late.
Sri Tea has the perfect types of green tea that would help her reduce that extra fat.


Avoid such a situation by drinking Green Tea to lose weight Lots of studies prove that many tea drinkers, particularly green tea drinkers, tend to lose weight faster than those who don’t consume tea at all. Green tea has been used for many years and has many benefits. One of them is green tea’s thermo-genic properties. This means the green tea causes your metabolism to heat up, or consume fuel at a faster rate. The faster your metabolism, the more fuel it needs. We store fat as fuel for our body. Your metabolism, consuming fat at a faster rate, causes you to lose fat weight.


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