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Prince George turns 1! Did they serve tea at the prince’s 1st birthday party?

Prince Birthday

It was on 22nd July 2013 that Prince George was born and he celebrated his 1st birthday amongst all his relatives this year. Amongst the royal guests was his great grandmother – The Queen who arrived along with Grandma Middleton as well.

The cake was iced and the sandwiches were ready at Kensington Palace! But was tea served at this royal afternoon party?

History of the “afternoon tea party”

It was some time in the 1830’s and 1840’s that tea was drunk in the afternoons and became somewhat of a social event. It is said that the afternoon tea tradition was established by Anne, Duchess of Bedford. She used to request for some sandwiches to be served to her as she felt “light headed” because of the large time gap between meals. She later on started inviting her other friends to join her and thus the afternoon tea party commenced and is still practiced even in today’s world.

Some famous tea party menus include:

Scones (with a variety of scone toppings)

Finger sandwiches

Other sweets & savories

Different varieties of tea (iced tea, hot tea, ginger tea, cinnamon tea and many more)

Sri Tea has a range of different varieties of tea that would be suitable for such tea parties and occasions. Their range includes Cinnamon Tea, Saphire Oolong Tea, Special floral Green Tea & Yogi Tea.



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